To endeavor is to recognize a passion and to pursue it. It demands courage, commitment and strength of character. My endeavor is to craft words into something new and brilliant. Words infuse the human perspective of our world and each person in it. It is the medium we have created to express our thoughts, to build a culture, and fill our dreams with real things.

I want to use my passion to help you realize yours. Let me put your dreams into words so that the whole world can read them.

Jess -54I began freelance writing in college, where I received my degree in Communications and English. Since graduation, I have worked in the fields of journalism, publishing, public relations, marketing and search engine optimization. Each position has informed my writing style and supplemented my skills.  My experience in these fields has given me an appreciation for how to implement a full marketing and public relations campaign.

I have worked as the lead copywriter for a Search Engine Optimization expert, earned a certificate in copyediting from the University of California, San Diego, and earned my inbound marketing certificate from HupSpot. I have also successfully collaborated with several different marketing agencies to enhance their writing services. I have gained crucial insight into the field of online marketing and understand that writing must serve the multi-faceted purposes of engaging and informing all levels of users, supporting search engine optimization efforts, and, above all, moving visitors toward action. I appreciate the fine balance it takes to meet all these goals and enjoy the challenge.

All of these positions have required a strong attention to detail and the ability to meet demanding deadlines.


I emphasize responsiveness and responsibility in my relationships with clients. I recognize the strength and love that goes into each individual’s endeavor, and I treat all projects accordingly. I will meet every deadline I agree to and be honest with you about what is achievable and what results you can expect. I will ask a lot of questions for each new job in order to establish your goals and the unique voice of the project.

I am comfortable taking as much or as little direction as is needed. I am also able to advise on overall marketing and public relations campaigns.

The very act of endeavoring is its own success.

Thank you for your interest,

Jessica Bennett

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