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I like to imagine that I am sowing seeds in the reader’s mind that will grow and flower into action. A great article can accomplish any goal, whether it is to inform, educate, change a mind, enhance understanding or something else. An article’s success demands clean, dynamic and authentic writing as well as precision and confidence on the part of the writer. My freelance experience includes writing a wide variety of articles for very diverse audiences.

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    ARTICLE 1 :: Superhero Moms Can Have it All — Fight Germs, Rescue Style


    Superhero Moms Can Have it All

    Fight Germs, Rescue Style

    Every mom is a superhero in her own right. She spends her nights and days battling against germs, rescuing wayward toys, ridding her house of evil scum and much, much more.

    But can she do it with a fashionable flair?

    Of course she can when she adds a Coverplayard Slipcover to her germ-fighting arsenal. The trendy and whimsical slipcovers made by Coverplay fit easily over most common play yards to shield children from germs. Play yards can often become dirty and are difficult to clean. Bacteria and germs thrive in these conditions, a situation no superhero mom can let stand.

    Coverplayard slipcovers are made of high quality material and offer children a soft barrier that protects them from germs as they play. The play yard slipcover is machine washable, so any messes or spills can be quickly defeated by a quick cycle through the washer and dryer (also indispensible superhero Mom weapons).

    Best of all, Coverplayard slipcovers are a stylish and fun accessory. Coverplay offers 20 different play yard slipcover styles to choose from including stripes, polka dots, camouflage and more. Moms can find the perfect design to reflect their baby’s personality or one that blends with the décor of the house. Imagine fighting germs and strutting some style at the same time. Now that’s a true Herculean task!

    Coverplay Slipcovers were created by “Momprenuer” and superhero extraordinaire Allison Costa after she discovered just how germy her play yard could get. Concerned for the health of her twin boys, Allison hatched the idea of play yard slipcovers with her good friend and fellow designer Amy Feldmen. Together, the two women strove to put all germs on notice with their new line of play yard slipcovers.

    Now, Coverplay Slipcovers have come to fruition. Play yards everywhere are protected from germs, and superhero moms can finally relax…until the next emergency!

    Client: Cover Play | Category: Article

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    ARTICLE 2 :: Social Networking for Dogs - One San Diego Native is Lapping it Up

    Social Networking for Dogs

    One San Diego Native is Lapping it Up

    San Diego is known as one of the most dog-friendly cities in the United States, so it’s no surprise that this city is the, ahem, breeding ground for a new website seeking to bring together dog enthusiasts all over the world.

    The site is called Dogs Unite, and Marilyn Taylor, an SEO specialist and Escondido native who has helped bring the site to life, likes to describe it as “social networking for dogs.” The site offers dog owners the ability to create profiles for their companions and themselves. Users create and join groups, post blogs, read expert articles and get some great deals on dog-related merchandise.

    “We want to make this the go-to place for dog lovers,” Taylor says of the site, which is currently up and running in beta (testing) mode. “We want people to write about their dogs, read about new training techniques and get health advice, take advantage of the great deals we’ve been able to secure and, of course, meet other dog enthusiasts.”

    A visit to the site reveals a playful pink and blue-colored destination for dog owners to gather and chat. Along the left column new members are announced with pictures of themselves and their favorite pooches. Blog topics range from philosophical queries (should dog owners dress up their pets?) to questions about the latest dog movies and advice on what human foods can be harmful to dogs (Hint: chocolate is a big no no).

    Adds Taylor, “dogs give their owners unconditional love and affection, which is something we could all use a little more of. It’s no wonder there is such a strong community of dog lovers here in San Diego and around the world. Dogs Unite wants to give that community a voice, a place to share stories, news and maybe even put together offline play dates.”

    Could a doggie romance feature be coming up next? “You never know,” Taylor says. “I’m sure there are a lot of lonely dogs out in the world!”

    To sniff around Dogs Unite for yourself, go to their website at www.DogsUnite.com

    Client: Dogs Unite | Category: Article

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    ARTICLE 3 :: Real Expectations: Find Your Perfect Body Shape. Healthy is Beauty


    Real Expectations: Find Your Perfect Body Shape

    Healthy is Beauty

    The human body was not designed to be obese, but nether are most human bodies meant to fit into size zero jeans. A healthy body can be many different shapes and sizes, and no individual body is exactly the same as another. That means that each body has its own size and ideal weight.

    True Beauty
    Television, movies, billboards and the like seem to only recognize one type of beauty: thin for women, rippling muscles for men. Constant exposure to these images and advertisements can twist perceptions of what a body is supposed to look like. When the average American model is thinner than 98% of American women, then it is no surprise that 80% of these same women report being dissatisfied with their appearance or why eating disorders, such as bulimia and anorexia, continue to afflict our society, preying heavily on adolescent girls.

    True beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. In determining your perfect body size, health should be the preeminent factor in judging success.

    Excess belly fat is a serious health concern, and if you have too much belly fat, you should be working to get rid of it in a safe and effective manner. This does not mean trying to fit into a specific size of clothing or look like a favorite super model.

    Your Body Knows What It Wants
    Each individual body has a comfort zone – a size and weight where it functions best. Your body will actually try to maintain this weight by increasing or slowing metabolism as well as sending full or hunger signals to your brain to stop or fuel energy consumption.

    What this means is that your body will do its darnedest to stay at the size it likes, and even if you try to get down to a smaller proportion, your body will be fighting you the entire way. That is why it is so difficult to lose weight and why it is oh-so-easy to put it all right back on. Listen to your body. First, work on getting rid of your belly fat, and then find the size your body wants to be and embrace your unique look.

    Discover The Beauty Of You
    To break away from the unrealistic expectations of the media, work to change the way you perceive your body. Concentrate on achieving health and wellness. Losing belly fat may help you look better in a bikini, but your well-being is much more important. Try to lose belly fat in order to stave off diabetes, heart disease, cancer and metabolic disorder. Maintaining health also means that you can live an active lifestyle unimpeded by weight or illness.

    Everyone knows someone who is in great physical condition and in top health even if their body is a little larger than normal. This is because no body is exactly the same, and some bodies naturally carry more weight than others. Just because you have a higher body weight does not mean you are unhealthy or unattractive. Curves, despite what the billboards may show, are natural and fabulous.

    As long as you are making the right changes in your life – exercising regularly, eating smaller serving sizes of nutritious food and finding time to relax throughout the day, you will gradually move down to your right body size. Maintaining this weight – not an impossible ideal – is the best thing you can do for your body.

    Don’t fall into the trap of judging yourself by the standards of others, especially the entertainment establishment. By loving your body at the right size – your size – you can be healthy and happy.

    Client: Belly Shape Up | Category: Article

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    ARTICLE 4 :: The Next Baby Boomer Trend: Franchising


    The Next Baby Boomer Trend: Franchising

    Baby Boomers are Seeking Francise Opportunities in Record Numbers

    Baby Boomers Are Seeking Franchise Opportunities In Record Numbers

    Baby boomers are at a crucial and powerful point in their lives. They now straddle the traditional retirement age, but most are not looking to put their feet up and relax anytime soon. Many are still healthy and energetic and searching for a new opportunity that will give them the chance to follow their passion for the first time in their working careers. Other boomers may not feel that they are financially ready for retirement and may be searching for an opportunity that will continue to bring in money. A wide swath of boomers is still a decade or more off from retirement. These individuals have worked their way up to the top of the corporate ladder and may be searching for a change in environment, or they may have trouble finding traditional work in the recession-age economy.

    Whatever the reason, baby boomers are flocking to franchises. Unlike independent small businesses, franchises offer a lot of special benefits that uniquely appeal to baby boomers. One of the most attractive features of a franchise business is that it provides owners with an established business and proven brand. Owners usually receive training, materials, and marketing support from their franchise. Boomers tend to be more careful than other generations, and they will appreciate the solid, detailed system that franchises develop to support the success of their franchise owners.

    This is a large part of the reason that franchises tend to survive longer than independent businesses. The numbers are pretty stark. Small businesses fail much more than they succeed, and they can take down a lot of cash and dreams with them. Franchises tend to be more successful over time, providing baby boomers with a greater sense of stability and promise in the future. Franchises may even allow baby boomers the chance to pass on a successful business to their children and grandchildren.

    Baby boomers can also make spectacular franchise owners. They tend to have more cash reserves and can afford more expensive, higher-level franchises. They often possess a large skill set picked up from many decades in the work force that will help them steer their franchises more efficiently, professionally, and, ultimately, more successfully. Boomers are also known for their strong work ethic, which will be required in almost any franchise situation. Franchises are not for the weak of heart or anyone looking for a retirement hobby. A franchise, like any other business, requires constant management. Boomers are all too happy to roll up their sleeves and give their business everything they’ve got, which is a key ingredient in the business’s success.

    So what type of franchise is ideal for baby boomers? Boomers are an incredibly large and diverse group of people, and there is no single franchise that will appeal to them all. Luckily, there are more than 800,000 franchises operating in the United States covering areas from pets to travel to babysitting to restaurants and much, much more. Franchises come in all shapes, sizes and investment requirements. Any baby boomer is sure to find multiple opportunities that match their interests, skills and experience.

    Client: The Franchise Genie | Category: Article

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    ARTICLE 5 :: How to Build a Shower Bench


    How to Build a Shower Bench

    A shower bench is the perfect indulgence for your bathroom, allowing you to sit back and enjoy a relaxing experience beneath the soothing spray of water. A shower bench can also be an important accommodation if a family member is unable to stand for long periods of time or has trouble balancing.

    Whatever your reason for deciding to install a shower bench, this article will show you how to do it right. This article assumes that the reader has a basic knowledge of carpentry, tile installation and other related skills necessary to complete a shower renovation.

    DIFFICULTY: Moderately Challenging

    Supplies You’ll Need to Build a Shower Bench

    • 2×4 lumber
    • 3/4″ plywood
    • drill/driver screws
    • PVC Pan liner or other moisture proofing membrane
    • 1/2″ tile backerboard


    Step 1

    • Determine the size, shape, height and location for the shower bench. Keep in mind how you plan to use the bench. (If a family member is hoping for a foot ledge for shaving assistance, this may change the optimal height of the bench)
    • At the same time, determine the height of the mortar bed at the location of the bench. Remember to add the height of the mortar bed into your calculations for the bench’s height. (For instance, if the mortar bed is going to be 2 1/2″ at the outer perimeter of the shower where the bench is located and a 20″ tall bench is desired, the bench should be roughed out at 22 1/2″).

    Step 2

    • Frame out the shower bench as desired.
    • Build a slight slope into the bench (approximately 1/2″ per 12″) to allow for water run off.
    • Remember to deduct 3/4″ from the framed height to allow for the plywood top. Deduct an additional 1/2″ from the framed height to allow for the tile backerboard.

    Step 3

    • Once the bench is framed, install the plywood rough top.
    • Make sure the frame has been coated with a water proof seal, so your shower bench will last you a long time.

    Step 4

    • Next, install the pan liner or moisture proofing along the bottom of the shower pan the same way you would install a normal shower pan.
    • Install the pan liner or moisture proofing along the top of the bench (including at least 6” on the walls above the bench, overlapping the shower pan liner.) In essence, the bench has just become an elevated portion of the shower pan.

    Step 5

    • Install the backerboard throughout the shower and prep for tile installation.
    • Remember to install backerboard from the bottom up so that the upper pieces overlap the lower pieces on the bench.

    You should now have a sturdy shower bench in place for you and your family to enjoy.

    Client: Specialty Home Improvement  |  Category: Article

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