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Brochures are extremely useful if you attend events, give talks, or network on a regular basis. While a new contact maybe never make it to your website, he or she will likely glance at a brochure in hand. Brochures vary greatly, depending on their purpose. You may need a general business brochure to hand out at networking events, or perhaps you’d like special product brochures to give out during tradeshows or after public demos. You may even want to create brochures focused on specific market segments, especially if you speak to certain groups of people, like senior citizens, athletes, or parents.

It can often be intimidating to write a brochure. Space is limited, so every word counts. Let me help you define the scope and purpose of your brochure and then to find the right words to catch and hold a reader’s attention.

Tri-fold brochure (six panels)

$200 - $400

Includes consultation and two rounds of edits

Pricing of larger brochures will depend on the scope of the project.

Contact to discuss

Price will depend on the difficulty of the subject and the research and consultation required

Brochures Price
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