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Copyediting is traditionally broken down into three different levels based on the needs of the piece:


Fix mechanical errors such as incorrect grammar, punctuation and misspellings


Fix mechanical errors, rewrite convoluted sentences, improve structure and overall coherency of piece


Rewrite large patches of weak or confusing copy, work on flow, structure, pacing, themes and coherency of piece. Fix mechanical errors.


These levels are very general but can give clients a basic idea of what a copyeditor is capable of doing. A good copyeditor not only catches mechanical errors, she polishes a piece until it shines. If you are unhappy with the writing on your website, brochure, newsletter, blog posts or anything else, let me take a look. I know that I can find the true essence of the piece and bring it to life for your readers.

Pricing will depend on the needs of the client, the length of the piece and the amount of work it needs in order to meet the client’s expectations.

I have earned a copyediting certificate from UC San Diego.



Floral Design Website – “About”

Company and private information have been removed and replaced with —–

—– specializes in floral designs for smaller events. Customized to your budget, —– promises passionate floral creations of quality with impeccable timeliness for a stress free event.

—– was created by —–. During the past five years, she has studied floral design, assisted —– at several events, and created office arrangements for the lobby for her place of work. She graduated Magma Cum Laude with a BS in Business Administration from California State San Marcos 2000 and works during the week as a Director of —– for a —– company in Carlsbad.

Her strengths are extraordinary attention to detail, adhering to budgets while designing beautiful arrangements, and providing personalized solutions to the customers’ needs.

My story started in —–, where I grew up at the outskirts of the city. My family had a big rose garden. As a little girl I loved all the flowers and especially the spring time. I picked the May lime greens of the fir trees to sprinkle the sprouts on the dark gray concrete to make it look pretty.

While I knew I loved flowers. My passion for flowers arrangements became clearer when my dad gave me (4 years) a beautiful Biedemeier bouquet to give to my mom for Mothers day. Carrying this round gorgeous yellow-lime green bouquet in my hand was like holding happiness at the same time. Only after a small chase with my dad in the yard, did I give this bouquet to my deserving mom. The little girl is still inside of me when I create arrangements today. The only difference is that I’ve learned to share better. May the floral designs I create bring bright smiles, kisses and laughter to you on your special day.

It would be my pleasure to assist you with your floral needs for your event.

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After Endeavor Writing Copyediting Service

Company and private information have been removed and replaced with —–

—– was created to express my love of flowers and to support my profound belief in their ability to brighten a room, sow seeds of passion, open up hidden smiles and refresh the soul.

Flowers bloomed in my heart as a young girl growing up in Germany. My parents tended a large rose garden, and each summer I would pick the May lime greens from the fir trees and spread them across the concrete in the hopes that they would grow and cover the dull gray with the brilliant hues of nature.

When I was four years old, my father gave me a gorgeous biedermeier bouquet to present to my mother for Mother’s Day. I remember that clutching the bundle of yellow-lime flowers in my small hands was like holding happiness. Needless to say, I refused to give up my prize, and only after a short chase around the yard did my father convince me to offer my bouquet to my deserving mother.

That little girl is still inside of me, and she is my inspiration for starting —–. Don’t worry, I have since learned the joy of sharing.

I specialize in floral designs for small weddings, parties and other events. I pride myself on working closely with each client to design unique and customized arrangements that stay within budget and exceed expectations.

I love experimenting with colors, fabrics and, of course, different flowers. I understand the stress that accompanies any size event, and my goal is to not only provide beautiful, perfect arrangements for your special day, but also to alleviate as much stress as possible so that you can enjoy the celebration and treasure the memories it creates. Whatever your event, timing, budget and expectations, I am here to make your special day blossom.

I have studied floral design for over five years and have professionally assisted with the coordination of many events, particularly weddings. It would be my pleasure to assist you with your floral needs, —–

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