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A Press Release is a means of communicating pertinent news and information to media outlets and the public. It may also be used to garner links for website optimization purposes.

Press releases are often utilized to announce a new product launch, company initiative, management hire or a release of important information. Specific formatting rules govern the structure of a press release, though these rules are becoming more flexible as the news process moves online. The proliferation of cheaper or free new wires has opened the door for companies small and large to effectively disseminate information.

Through my experience in the public relations industry, I have learned best practices in composing dynamic press releases that stand out from the crowd and snag attention in the hectic media market. Paired with a strong news pitch, an effective press release can result in news stories and increased public awareness.


PRESS RELEASE 1 :: Grill Charms Hooks an Investor in the Shark Tank

Grill Charms Hooks an Investor in the Shark Tank

Barbeque Accessory Start Up Brings Multiple Investors To The Table On ABC’s Hit Show

CHARLESTON, SC – OCT. – Startup company, Grill Charms™ swam with the sharks on ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank” and  received multiple investment offers  to help grow the company’s four collections of barbeque grill charms.

Contractors infected with “OPUP” or “Yes Man Syndrome” are easily recognizable by the fact that they blow through an estimating appointment in about 15 – 30 minutes and agree to almost anything the potential client asks – even if it is not in the client’s best interest.

Company president and Grill Charms inventor Leslie Haywood pitched her case to the show’s panel of five venture capitalists and requested $50,000. A feeding frenzy ensued where all four male sharks on the panel vied for a stake in the business. With three separate offers on the table, Haywood chose to accept $50,000 from Robert Herjavec, a successful Internet and technology mogul, in exchange for 25% equity in the company.

Grill Charms are dime-sized solid stainless steel charms placed in meat before grilling. They offer a solution to identifying spices and flavors, steak temperatures and to avoid health and allergy issues. “I’m a survivor,” said Haywood, “after overcoming breast cancer and raising two beautiful children while running the business, there’s not much that I’m afraid of, not even sharks!”

Haywood’s appearance on the show contained dramatic negotiating from four sharks. Herjavec noted, “I think this is one of the best ideas we’ve seen.” Though Kevin Harrington and Daymond John teamed up to make an offer, Haywood was unwilling to give away the 50% equity they required.

“I believe in my product,” continued Haywood, “and I think that got through to the Shark Tank. Grill Charms is here to ensure that every American gets what they want – how they want it- hot off the grill. With the investment I’ve received, we plan on expanding the business in many new and exciting directions.”

The company currently offers four different collections of charms: Steak Collection, Spicy Collection, Charmed Life Collection and the Pink Collection which gives 10% of proceeds to breast cancer charities. Each collection retails for $19.95. Grill Charms are available for purchase on the company’s website at or at specialty stores across the country as listed on the site.

Haywood made her appearance on “Shark Tank” on Tuesday, September 29th. The show airs each week at 8:00 PM EST/ 7:00 PM CST.


Client: Grill Charms  |  Category: Press Release

PRESS RELEASE 2 :: Design Team Launches Snug Attack

Design Team Launches Snug Attack™

A Fashionable Clothing Company for Baby and Toddler Twins

LOS ANGELES, NOV - Snug Attack, a new company that designs and sells clothing specifically targeted at baby and toddler twins, formally launched in August of 2010. The company’s initial clothing line combines clean design and clever typography.

Snug Attack is helmed by husband and wife designers Dale and Jane Foronda who were inspired to create the company after welcoming their own twins into the world. Utilizing their combined design education and professional background, the Forondas have developed distinctive, type-driven clothing designs that focus on the unique experience of being a twin.

“After our twins were born, we searched for cool twin clothing and came up empty handed,” said Snug Attack co-owner Jane Foronda. “Dale and I realized that we could do better than what was available in the market. Every conceptual design we create stems from our twins’ milestones and experiences. Our kids are our inspiration and our clothing models for the brand.”

While Snug Attack offers many unique, twin-focused clothing, the company also sells options for singleton babies and toddlers. Snug Attack t-shirts and onesies are silkscreened by hand at the company’s design studio and are available in either certified organic or 100% fine ring-spun combed cotton. All apparel in the company’s growing catalog ranges in size from 3 months to 6 years. To view the current collection, visit the company’s online store at “Having kids is an incredible gift,” added Snug Attack co-owner Dale Foronda. “Snug Attack offers all those proud parents a way to celebrate their children in a thoughtful and memorable way.”

Dale and Jane Foronda both graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Dale was previously an art director for a men’s luxury fashion brand, and Jane has experience working as the creative director in the consumer goods industry. Along with Snug Attack, the couple also owns and operates TWELVEZEROSEVEN, a design studio that provides creative services.


Snug Attack™ is a company that designs and produces modern, stylish apparel for babies and toddlers. Designs often experiment with typography to produce thought-provoking, concept-driven clothing. Many Snug Attack designs are made for twins. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and privately owned by husband and wife designers Dale and Jane Foronda. The couple are proud parents of young twins. Visit to view the company’s current collection of baby and toddler apparel.

Client: Snug Attack  |  Category: Press Release

PRESS RELEASE 3 :: Playing Clean

Playing Clean

New Play Yard Covers Help Protect Against Germs

SAN DIEGO, MAY – Concerned parents have one more new product to add to their germ-fighting arsenal. San Diego based company, Coverplay has introduce a line of playful Coverplayard  Slipcovers that fit snugly over most portable play yards protecting the surface from germs.

Play yards are convenient for keeping a baby or small child in a protected area, but inevitably, the play yard will bear the brunt of messes and stains that come with kids and nature. Without proper cleansing, bacteria and other germs could thrive. Coverplayard Slipcovers offer a solution for parents. The soiled play yard cover can be pulled right off the play yard and thrown into the wash for a good cleansing. In a matter of hours, baby has a clean play yard to enjoy.

“Coverplayard Slipcovers are fun and fashionable, but they also protect your child,” says Allison Costa, the creator of Coverplay Coverplayard Slipcovers. “Parents always worry about what their kids are touching, but with these portable play yard covers, you can sit back, relax and let your children play…at least until the next emergency arises!”

The mother of twin boys, Costa grew concerned after discovering how difficult it was to clean her children’s play yard. The resulting solution was Coverplay’s Coverplayard  Slipcovers. With fellow designer Amy Feldmen, Costa created a line of play yard covers in over 20 different designs, ranging in price from $49.99 – $59.99. Coverplayard Slipcovers have been featured in Twins Magazine, and many other media outlets and have recently received a Whirlpool® Brand Mother of Invention Grant.

For more information on Coverplay Coverplayard Slipcovers, visit


Coverplay is owned and operated by Allison Costa. The company sells a line of 20 different Coverplayard Slipcovers that fit easily over almost any play yard on the market. The portable crib covers are machine washable and provide parents an easy way to protect their children from germs and keep play yards clean. For more information visit

Client: Cover Play  |  Category: Press Release

PRESS RELEASE 4 :: Specialty Home Improvement Earns Highest Customer Service Distinction

Specialty Home Improvement Earns Highest Customer

Service Distinction

GuildQuality Honors Specialty Home Improvement with Highest Level of Customer Service Award

SAN DIEGO, JUNE — Specialty Home Improvement, a family-owned design and remodel firm based in Escondido, California, is proud to announce that it has been awarded a Guildmaster Award with Highest Distinction for exceptional customer satisfaction. Specialty Home Improvement was one of 163 home builders, remodelers, developers and contractors throughout North America recognized for their superlative performance.

GuildQuality, an organization that specializes in collecting customer feedback in the home building and real estate industries, awards Guildmaster honors at three distinct levels: Guildmaster, Guildmaster with Distinction and Guildmaster with Highest Distinction. Specialty Home Improvement received the highest form of the Guildmaster award.

To earn a Guildmaster, a company must demonstrate consistently high customer service ratings. According to the GuildQuality website, “In the home building, remodeling, and real estate industry, the average customer recommendation rate for businesses is approximately 70%. In order to receive a Guildmaster Award, a member must achieve a recommendation rate of 90% or greater.”

“At Specialty Home Improvement, our goal is always to exceed the customer’s expectation,” said Sheen Fischer, President of Specialty Home Improvement. “The Guildmaster Award with Highest Distinction confirms the success of our commitment. Our customers always come first, and they always will.”

Specialty Home Improvement has earned perfect scores from its previous customers in all areas of the GuildQuality feedback survey including: Likely to Recommend, Construction Quality, Expertise, Schedule, Budget, Communication and Trust. Specialty Home Improvement proudly displays a link to its GuildQuality profile at the bottom of every page on its corporate website. The company’s GuildQuality profile also includes a list of customer testimonials.

GuildQuality helps companies in the home building, remodeling, real estate and contracting industries solicit and utilize customer feedback by providing surveys to clients after a job is complete. This information is broken down for analysis and provided to the customer on that customer’s individual profile page. The feedback allows companies to determine what they are doing right and where they can improve to increase customer satisfaction and referral rates.

Specialty Home Improvement has been a GuildQuality member since 2009. To learn more about Specialty Home Improvement, visit the company’s website at or visit the company’s GuildQuality profile by visiting and entering “Specialty Home Improvement” into the search field.


Specialty Home Improvement is a family-owned, award-winning design and remodel firm located in Escondido, CA. It provides home remodeling services throughout San Diego and San Diego County. The company’s mission is to provide value, comfort and convenience for clients through personal, caring service and an award-winning remodel process. Specialty Home Improvement is a member of NARI and has received numerous remodeling awards throughout its 18-year history.

Client: Specialty Home Improvement  |  Category: Press Release

PRESS RELEASE 5 :: Jacob Tyler to Expand In-House Search Marketing Expertise

Jacob Tyler to Expand In-House Search Marketing Expertise

Jacob Tyler to Expand In-House Search Marketing Expertise

SAN DIEGO – FEB -- Search engine marketing is no longer an option for website owners; it’s a requirement in today’s web-driven world of business. In its ongoing effort to offer clients a comprehensive online strategy to drive sales and site visits, Jacob Tyler is proud to expand its in-house SEO team with the addition of Marilyn Taylor and her company

Marilyn Taylor, president and senior search engine marketing consultant, founded Optimize4You with the goal of sharing her knowledge of SEO and quality techniques with website owners, big and small. Taylor brings over 10 years of SEO experience to the Jacob Tyler team, providing a diverse and balanced view to all her projects. Taylor has sharpened her skills and developed winning SEO strategies by working on sites like,, and

“We recognized the expertise available through Marilyn’s company,” said Jacob Tyler owner and creative director Les Kollegian, “and we felt that it would be beneficial to our clients and to our team to bring those services in-house.” Les also stated… “We are especially proud of O4U’s process and integrity developing and teaching SEO in an industry that includes many unqualified personnel and outright fraud.”

“We are looking forward to working with Les and his team and helping new clients see greater results from their online marketing efforts,” said Taylor.

In addition to the expanded list of SEO in-house capabilities, JTCG will now offer SEO training and courses to help JTCG clients become their own SEO stewards. The client, who is the number one expert of their business, will be able to make real-time changes and updates, which is imperative in today’s Web climate. Overall, the result is a more effective and competitive online marketing strategy and improved ROI.


Founded in 2000, Jacob Tyler Creative Group is headed by Les Kollegian and has created campaigns for Intel, FOX TV, America Online, Chili’s, Gateway, US Playing Cards, and Qualcomm. To read more, please visit

Client: Jacob Tyler  |  Category: Press Release

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