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A Commanding Web Presence

Website copy must serve the multi-faceted purposes of engaging and informing all levels of users, supporting Search Engine Optimization efforts through strategic keyword placement, and, above all, moving visitors towards purchase. I appreciate the fine balance it takes to meet all these goals and enjoy the challenge.



WEBSITE COPY 1 :: Franchise Genie Home Page Content

Franchise Genie Home Page Content

There are many reasons why people decide to take a risk on their dreams and pursue the adventurous, challenging and fulfilling life of a franchise owner. Some have grown tired of giving their time and energy over to the bottom line of a corporation. Others are seasoned professionals who have found themselves out of work in this latest economic downturn.

Whatever your reason, you have that special spark that pushes you to take control of your own destiny. You are a would-be franchise owner….and you have A LOT of questions.

Answering questions is what I do. My name is Roxanne Rapske, and I am a certified Franchise Consultant. My job is to help you discover a franchise opportunity that will ignite your passion and then to be your advocate throughout the franchisee process.

Web-sample-roxanne Rapske.png

Once you’re ready, I’d love to chat with you about your goals, interests and expectations related to franchising. I’ll also answer all the questions you have about owning a franchise. Please know that you will never be charged for my services. I receive compensation when I successfully match you with a franchise. That means my one and only goal is to help you find the franchise opportunity best suited for you.

Please contact me with any questions or to set up an initial consultation to learn about the franchise journey.

To you future success,
Roxanne Rapske

Client: The Franchise Genie  |  Category: Website Copy

WEBSITE COPY 2 :: A Practical Guide to Lose Belly Fat

A Practical Guide to Lose Belly Fat

Having a little trouble recognizing the person in the mirror lately? Is there a lot more of you then you remember, especially around the midsection?

Weight, specifically belly fat, is a stubborn adversary that can deflate your self image and even lead to chronic disease.

Ready to reduce your belly fat? You’ve come to the right place. This website was created to arm you with the information, advice and encouragement you’ll need to take on your belly fat and win!

Web-sample-belly Shape Up!.png

Know the Belly Fat Health Risks
Learn what belly fat is, how it sneaks up on you so easily and why it could be especially hazardous for your health. Once you feel you know your enemy, suit up and get ready to fight.

Break Your Belly Fat Habits

Discover which of your habits have been giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Kick those turncoat habits to the curb! We’ll show you how to develop new, healthier habits that will send your belly fat into retreat. But you’ll need some strong weapons to defeat your belly fat once and for all.

Lose Belly Fat through Proper Nutrition, Fitness and Lifestyle

You can and will lose belly fat. You just need the right information and a solid push in the right direction. This section of articles will help you slice and dice all the confusing and contradictory info about nutrition, fitness and lifestyle. We’ll give you the straight and simple advice that will make the most difference in your battle to lose belly fat. These articles will show you the healthy way to lose weight, and when you lose weight the right way, it is easier to keep off permanently.

Keep Belly Fat Off for Good

Just because you win the battle doesn’t mean you’ve won the war. The vast majority of people who lose belly fat and body weight will gain it right back on. This constant frustrating cycle of belly fat loss and gain can quickly sap morale and energy. The articles in this section strive to show you the healthy way to permanently lose belly fat through achieving real lifestyle change.

Client: Belly Shape Up  |  Category: Website Copy

WEBSITE COPY 3 :: Treasure Backup: How It Works

Treasure Backup: How It Works

Treasure Backup is an automated data backup system. Once the software is installed, just sit back and bask in the comfort of knowing your files are safe and secure no matter how many times you spill coffee on your laptop.

How Treasure Backup Works

Step One: Install the Software
Once you sign up for Treasure Backup (Hooray!), you will be directed to download a small software package that will allow Treasure Backup to automatically gather and store your files through your Internet connection. The Treasure Backup software is compatible with PCs and Macs.

Step Two: The Initial Backup
The initial data backup can take some time, anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the amount of data you possess. Treasure Backup’s intelligent software will mitigate any noticeable computer service reduction by throttling its bandwidth usage when you are actively using your computer

Clients may also choose to transfer their initial data onto an external hard drive that is shipped to Treasure Backup’s secure data processing center for archival. This option, called “seed loading”, allows for immediate capture of the initial data load, saving individuals and businesses time and bandwidth. This option is especially appealing for those who have a significant amount of data that requires storage. Additional fees may apply for seed loading.


During the backup process, your data will be encrypted with military-grade 448-bit technology that only you will be able to access with a password. No one, not even Treasure Backup, will have visibility to your data except for you.

Step Three: Relax, We’ll Take It From Here

After the initial backup, Treasure Backup will automatically back up your files on a daily basis. Just leave your computer on at the end of the day, and we’ll do the rest. Our software will comb through your files, backing up all the new stuff for permanent protection.

Step Four: Disaster Strikes, But We’ve Got Your Back(Up)

It happens: lightning strike, computer virus, coffee spill, black hole somewhere between Dallas and Hong Kong. One way or another, your computer is gone.

But your data is not!

Just sign into your Treasure Backup account or give us a call, and you’ll soon be reunited with your data. In just a short amount of time you’ll be able to get back to your life and your business with minimal interruption.

Client: Treasure Backup  |  Category: Website Copy

WEBSITE COPY 4 :: Website Content Development

Sample page from Endeavor Writing was hired to rewrite existing website content and develop new page content for this website expansion.

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