To offer something of yourself to the world. To realize a challenge and seek to overcome it.



In writing, my endeavor is to capture the attention of the audience and make them believe in the words they are reading.

Experienced and creative content writer who believes in the potential of words to connect, communicate, and enthrall

For over eight years, I have followed my own endeavor to make my living through words as a professional content writer. Along the way, I have spun compelling content for customers as big as Petco and as small as a local acupuncturist. I have written blog posts, press releases, website content, and newsletters by the bucketful, but I never get bored. I love learning what inspires my client, what makes them unique, and what problems their customers desperately need answered. This website represents my current portfolio of writing and includes pricing for my freelance writing services. My professional background includes work in the fields of journalism, publishing, public relations, and marketing communications. I have a BA in communications from Truman States University, a certificate in copyediting from the University of California, San Diego, and HubSpot’s inbound marketing certification.

Be Better, EndeavorI write press releases, marketing eblasts, keyword-enhanced articles, blogsnovels, website contentand more. I have written for a wide variety of clients and for many diverse and specialized audiences. The word “passion” is overused, but it truly fits in this context. Writing, any and all kinds, is my passion. I appreciate your interest, and I hope that I might be able to help you with your own endeavor.


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